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The Organic Farm

Welcome to the Organic Farm, located about 70 km from Chennai, in Chengalpattu District. This is a tract of 37 acres of land that is being farmed organically since 1995.

As a multi-cropped organic farm, the land supports 27 varieties of fruit trees, 40 varieties of vegetables, oil seeds, paddy, shade trees, coconut palms, flowers, herbs and a nursery where all these are available as sapling or seeds. You will find cows and calves roving the land, feeding on the grass and plants, and providing abundant natural fertiliser. You will also see a robust rain-water harvesting system, including an open pond that attracts more than 16 species of birds. Butterflies abound and the fragrance of jasmine tinges each passing breeze. I'm tempted to call it a slice of paradise, but in fact it is just a small piece of Earth as Earth was probably intended to be.

The Organic Farm is a brainchild of Alladi Mahadevan, who is ably guided and supported by his parents Alladi Krishnamoorthy, an Advocate of repute from a renowned family, and Alladi Mythili, an entrepreneur with decades of field experience. His team consists of 9 workers at the farm (Das, Murugan, Rajesh, Satya, Sukumari... ) in addition to Kaja Siddhique & Alladi Sumana (Design), Anu Krishnamurthy (Tech Support), Jai Raj (Manager), Bharat Pathiavadi (Marketing) and Alladi Ramashree (R & D).

We are guided by the idea that Nature knows best. In everything we do, we try hard to understand and emulate natural processes and cycles. This is the fundamental idea underlying our take on organic farming. To us, organic farming does not only mean no chemicals - though of course this is a basic premise of it. It also means farming in such ways that all our activities are aligned with nature - that our farming works as an ‘organ’ of Nature. This has led to the implementation of multi-cropping systems, sun-ray formation plantations, acute soil health awareness, use of indigenous and traditional seeds, and avoidance of all such processes and products that act in opposition to Nature.

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