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  • Workshops And Events


    A Comprehensive workshop on sustainable organic farming that will empower you to jumpstart your own farming initiatives.

  • Potting Mix & Good Soil

    Potting mix: Good soil is the source of good nutrition for plants. Once we decide on the crop, we need to add the required organic matter that will support the nutrient base of the soil for the current crop so that the soil’s fertility is maintained and the current yield is good. More importantly, we need to ensure long-term enrichment of the soil using organic means. This way, over time, the soil becomes rich and self-sufficient. This is what we aim at achieving through our potting mix:  self-sufficiency of your soil. The various natural organic substances in our potting mix attract and sustain various microorganisms and earthworms, creating a naturally fertile environment for your plants.

    Seeds and Saplings: The quality of your garden or farm depends on the quality of the seeds and saplings you plant. Naturally robust plants go a long way in reducing your costs and effort, and giving you a good yields including your own seeds for the next season. What makes for robust plants? Local indigenous and naturally fertilised seeds do. This is what we supply. Our seeds and saplings have an innate immunity because they are locally and naturally produced.

  • Start-up Help

    Some of us dream of starting up our own organic farm. Or of turning our farms into even more vibrant and economically viable concerns. If you are one of them, we are here for you.

    You can choose from the following services that we offer to achieve your objective:

    Knowledge-Sharing Workshops - We conduct periodic workshops that address start-up issues such as agricultural finance, market access, maintaining soil heath, implementing multi-cropping systems to regularise revenue, and other related topics. Our workshops are conducted by internationally known resource-people, and have built-in time for audience questions. By attending these, you will get to know exactly how to go about starting or expanding your own farming business

    Consultancy - We offer personal consultancy services; our experts will visit your farm, examine your soil, water situation, climate, market factors, labour issues, mechanical infrastructure etc and advise you on how best to go about the work, be it choosing the crops and trees to plant, building infrastructure, or integrating existing systems so that you get optimal output.

    We also offer long-term consultation on converting chemical-dependent farms into organic ones.

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