Fostering Castor

The story of castor dates back to at least 4000 BC, where it made an appearance in Egyptian tombs, with at least one of the heroines in the story being Cleopatra who is said to have used castor oil extensively in her beauty regimen. The castor theme is woven into ancient Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Ancient Greece and many other civilisations too I’m sure, because of the various and multifarious health and beauty benefits of castor oil. Here are a few of them:

- Castor oil is a great natural moisturiser; it is rich in ricinoleic acid, which acts as a humectant and prevents our skin from losing moisture and becoming dry and dehydrated. This results in healthy, supple and beautiful skin

-Castor oil is proven to accelerate the healing of wounds by promoting tissue growth and reducing dryness

-It is known to be a powerful natural laxative. This knowledge is being securely handed down through the generations in rural india - children there are often given a spoon of castor oil when required to speed things along :-)

-Castor oil ingested or applied reduces inflammation and pain, especially in inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and psoriasis

-It promotes hair growth when applied consistently, helps control dandruff and keeps the scalp moisturised

-Castor oil’s interaction with some bacteria is known to help reduce acne

-It helps control oral infections caused by Cadida albicans

-The castor meal left behind after oil extraction makes an excellent fertiliser too…

Fostered by occasional benevolent showers, the organic castor saplings in our farm are growing steadily into sturdy plants. There’s a small story here too - all the castor plants are the progeny of one single plant which grew wild in a scenic spot between the coconut trees. It had already fruited when I first noticed it, and there was this incredible beauty about the glossy brown beans, nearly all of which we re-planted … If all goes well, the saplings will soon be ready for harvest, after which we will be extracting the rich oil - oil which has the power to bring us all goodness of health naturally.

You are welcome to The Organic farm at any time to see the story of castor unfold…

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