Tips to Protect your Garden Against the Heat this Summer

The call of the koel is in the air and so is the fragrance of mango flowers. But summer also brings with it the need to protect our gardens from the escalating heat. Here are some handy tips to do just that from Alladi Mahadevan:

Create a simple support structure using dried branches or thin bamboo poles, and tie a white cloth over it shading your plants from the top and/or from the western sun. Wet this cloth in the morning and evening to keep your plants cool and happy. Make sure the cloth is not thick or dark-coloured and the sunlight can still pass through it

Using a stick or branch, make holes in the soil about 5-6 inches away from the stem of the plants. This helps aeration, and also, when you water the plants, the water goes deep into the soil/pot sooner and keeps the roots moist for longer.

Instead of leaving your soil/pots bare because of the burning heat/water scarci ty, just put in some legumes (peanut, cow pea, various beans) from your household provisions into the soil. These can grow with very less water, and their roots will fix nitrogen so that your soil will become super-enriched. You’ll also get to harvest your very own peas and beans! The germination stage will need water though

Ok then, happy growing!

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