How to Make Natural Biodegradable DIY GroBags

Here’s a superb alternative to plastic containers:DIY GroBags!

Dried banana leaves (Place leaves face-down on newspaper with some weight on top. Leave in the sun for 1-2 weeks)

- String/Twine (Split banana leaf midribs or split banana stem)
- 1 Strong straight-sided bottle

1. Cut the dried leaves into rectangular strips of width 15-20 cm. Start cutting at the outer edge and cut along the veins till the midrib.

2. Lay two of the strips in a plus' shape. Place the bottle in the middle, where the two strips overlap. Fold up one strip, and then the other, against the bottle.

3. Use twine to tie the strips firmly against the bottle about 2/3 of the way up, and then knot the ends. This knot should be firm, as it holds the pot together. Fold the top part down and tie another twine to hold it in place. 4. At this point, you will notice the small flaps around the base of the bottle, where you folded up the strips. To seal these, fold the flaps inward like you would seal a birthday gift.

and use twine to tie and knot these. Your Grobag is ready! You can grow any small plants in it. Your Grobag will compost when put into the soil - this makes transplantation so easy! The banana leaf adds nutrition to your soil, keeping your plants healthy and strong.

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