DIY Toothbrush

Yes, you’ve guessed it right, we’re talking about neem toothbrushes. Experience has just taught me that there’s more to it than randomly breaking off a neem twig and using it, so here’s everything you need to know to have a remarkably effective, biodegradable, natural neem toothbrush:

Step 1: Selecting the Twig Select a twig that is somewhat supple (a little stiffer than the end of an over-ripe okra) in your hands, not hard / brittle, of about 15-18 cm in length and 0.5 to 0.75 cm in diameter. The colour should be light brown. (Check that your proposed toothbrush satisfies these conditions before you break it off the plant!)

Step 2: Peeling It Peel off the outer layer from one end, for about 5 - 6 cm. You can cut the peels, or pinch them off with your nails. If you’ve selected your twig correctly, the surface below the peel will be slightly moist to the touch.

Step 3: Forming the ‘Bristles’ After washing your twig thoroughly in running water, place the peeled end in your jaw between the 1st molars, and press down a few times. Check after a few ‘chews’ to see if you have a nice, uneven rectangular bristle-like portion. Repeat a few times. The beauty of this is that you’ll get a customised head, moulded by your own cusps, thats just the right size for your teeth! Be warned though, it’ll taste a little bitter - just rinse your mouth once in a while.

How to Use:
Now your brush is ready - rub the ‘bristles’ on all the surfaces of your teeth, rinsing thoroughly every time you feel the taste has become too bitter.

I admit to feeling a little contrite about breaking twigs off a tree, but the justification for this is that if we all did this, and didn’t have to have thousands of toothbrushes made for us out of plastics and nylon, the overall harm to the environment would be much less…

Some of the Advantages of Using Neem Toothbrushes

- You can reuse them - after each use, just cut off the used part.Keep going till the twig is over
- Absolutely natural and biodegradable
- Great cleaning - it treats dental plaque very effectively
- Very fresh breath! I assure you, you’ll rinse off a great many times more than with tooth-paste, and this will give you fresher breath and a cleaner mouth, quite apart from Neem’s cleaning properties
- Neem has plenty of medicinal properties, and you’ll benefit from them all, first thing each morning!

Happy brushing!

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