Cane Banes

Having a piece of raw sugarcane is an unbelievably juicy experience, and one we mustn’t miss. However, growing 70 lakh tonnes of it (2019-20, India) crushing it, processing it, adding it to desserts, eating these, and then suering from a host of health problems…

How wise is that?
We are facing enormous water stress already, and sugarcane is a thirsty crop. It needs 180 - 250 cms of water over 12-18 months. is is more than even the whole year’s average rainfall of 119
cms. So farmers have to irrigate sugarcane, and many of them grossly overdo it too. And there are the added issues of chemical use, harmful runo, harvesting and processing hazards… And the
ballooning demand poses a major threat to biodiversity too… One clear way forward is to consciously reduce our demand for white sugar (and other sugarcane by-products such as bagasse, molasses and alcohol).

In the last few weeks, we have destroyed some markets and given birth to many new ones. Ours is the ‘Invisible Hand’ that controls the economy. If this Invisible Hand were to reach out for healthier diets, a great deal more would be protected than our own bodies.

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