DIY Kaajal

Once upon a time, kajal-making was a household process in our homes. Many of us would remember the interesting process of making it, and also the cool, pleasant tingling associated with putting on fresh, home-made kaajal.

Here is the exact process in detail - its quite doable actually!


Ingredients Required:

  • Pure organic castor oil
  • 1-2 teaspoons of cowdung (pref, from grass-fed cows)
  • Pure white butter from cows' milk
  • OPTIONAL: Food Grade camphor (called 'pacha karpooram in the south)

Vessels Required:

  • Mud lamp /'dia (round or the usual shape)
  • Clean brass or copper plate, with a diameter at least 2 inches more than your 'diya
  • Small glasses [to hold up the plate; read on to discover more


Shape moist cow-dung into a pyramid-shaped wick; the top should be tapered to facilitate burning.

Dry this wick in the sun for 4-5 hours or till completely dry Take castor oil in the diya, and place the dry 'wick' in the centre. 

Light the 'wick. It will take a few minutes to do this, it doesn't light up easily. Wait till it burns steadily Invert the clean brass or copper plate over this flame, using the small bowls / Stones to hold it up off the floor and about 1inch above the flame.

Time to wait... Wait for the wick to burn out, and then wait some more for the plate to cool down. Very gently and carefully, lift the plate and turn it over. You will find a patch of powdery soot on the plate. Take care to do this step slowly so that the soot does not fall off or scatter And here's the tricky step with a very clean fingertip, place a small bead of butter about the size of a small pea - on the soot and start mixing the soot into it. As you mix, you will see the kaajal paste forming. The kaajal paste should not be runny, but not too hard either. Best to add very tiny beads of butter at a time, and mix it in completely, kneading as you mix This way, you will be able to control the consistency. Take clean, cool water in a small plate, and put the blob of kaajal into it for 5-6 minutes to help it set Your home-made hygienic kaajal is now ready! Store it in a small airtight container, and use whenever you want your eyes to look wonderfully outlined in lustrous black.. Tip Use TWO fingertips to take it each time, one for each eye. Do not ever re-dip.

Thank you Smt.Shobhadevi P for sharing these detailed steps!

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