No-Added-Sugar NutriNuts Laddu Recipe

This is a highly nutritious, no-sugar, very simple recipe we stumbled upon during the early days of lockdown. We were actually planning to add more ingredients, and maybe condensed milk, but then realised we didn’t have these at home, so we did without. And it turned out surprisingly well! So here’s sharing it with you all…


Coconut - 1 (small)

Almonds - 200 gms

Cashews - 100 gms

Flax seeds - 2 tb sp


  • Pour the almonds, cashews, and flax seeds into a hot kadai and lghtly dry-roast them for 7-9 minutes
  • Grind the roasted nuts coarsely
  • Break the coconut, taking care to keep the coconut-water aside
  • Grate the coconut halves OR cut the coconut flesh into pieces and grind coarsely in a mixie
  • Toss together the ground ingredients till the mixture is uniform
  • Now add the coconut water, and using this moisture, along with the moisture of the grated coconut, bind the mixture into ‘laddus’. Thats it, you’re done!

These ‘laddus’ are not only absolutely chock-full of nutrition, they are also quite tasty and really easy to make. If you’re not planning to have them immediately, they will stay fresh for about 24 hours when refrigerated.

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